The provider is ready
to see you- at home.
We’ll come to you. We’ll Zoom with you. We’ll test your group of any size.
No need to expose yourself to nasty stuff.
Covid Tested

It's 2023
Why sit around a waiting room when you don’t have to?

Stay comfortable

Stay comfortable

If you’re feeling lousy, you need the comfort of home. Stretch out on the couch while your doctor does the runaround.
Skip the long wait

Skip the long wait

Drumming your fingers doesn’t do much for your to-do list, does it? At home, you can get stuff done until the doctor gets to you.
Avoid Exposure

Avoid Exposure

When every cough (and breath) near you makes you cringe, don’t sit in the doctors' office. Get virus-free care at home instead.

Get health care,

Updates to your primary care physician
Everyone involved in your care needs to be on the same page. To make it easy, we keep meticulous records of your visit and send a detailed report to your primary care physician.
Affiliated with Leading Healthcare Institutions
Decades of experience in the field plus the trust of countless providers, partners and facilities, means we are prepared and when the need arises, we will be there for you.
Wellness is a journey, not a series of pit-stops. That's why you - or your designated family member - will get a clear summary of your visit and the option of scheduling a follow-up appointment on the spot.

Need next-level healthcare?


Get a provider at your door

Sick and tired of trudging to the doctor?
Waiting and waiting until you’re sicker and more tired than ever?

Here’s what we can do
on your turf

IV Therapy
General Illness
Preventative Care
X-Rays & Diagnostic Services
Labs & Blood Work with Quick Results
Chronic Disease Management
Post-Hospital Care Coordination
Flu shot Administration

Feel Heard

When a provider visits you, they can focus and listen. You’re not another gowned patient in a numbered room. You’re an indivudual.

Get personal care

A provider can make recommendations that actually work in real life when seeing a patient in their natural environment.

Enjoy a flexible schedule

Work your medical appointments around your life – and not the other way ‘round.

Get a provider on the phone

When every surface is a threat and a mask becomes a pain in the neck, choose a no-stress, no-germs phone or video call.

Here’s how we can help

Arthritis pain
Cold/Flu Evaluation
Dizziness & Vertigo

Enjoy privacy + security

Just like a face-to-face visit, your video call is private, plus all data is fully encrypted.

Access from Anywhere

Whatever the space, be it your staircase or workplace, you'll be on the mend with little fuss.

Experience & Trust

Our team of physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants are experienced, seasonal and compassionate.

Group Testing and Vaccines

Servicing companies, adult care facilities, shelters and more

Hire Premier Assist to manage corporate scale vaccine and testing services!

We’ve got compliance down to a science.
(30,000+ COVID tests is nothing to sneeze at!)

You'll find our group lab services:


Marvel at the all-encompassing service


Dial one number to track all results


Get results within 48 hours
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